Wand, Flashlight, LED, Orange

Wand, Flashlight, LED, Orange
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  • Item #: ZWN-LED2D-YOR
  • Manufacturer: PIO

Our Flashlight Wand was the industry standard wand used worldwide for decades. This durable, reliable, multipurpose tool is a must have for aircraft marshaling, road safety, fire departments or any other application where you may need a safety wand.

  • Highly visible, bright and durable director lights
  • Powerful LED light source
  • Removal tip allows you to direct light beam where needed
  • 360° Light Distribution
  • 1 km visibility
  • Made from Heavy Duty Reinforced Polypropylene
  • Replaceable Flashlight
  • Replaceable Wand Tip
  • Heavy Duty Control Switch
  • Water Proof
  • Safe, Shock Resistant - Only 3 Volts
  • Uses 2 'C' Cell Batteries
  • Will work with Rechargeable 'C' Cell Batteries
  • Non-slip Textured Grip
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Price C$11.99