EZ Grip - Commercial - 3oz

EZ Grip - Commercial - 3oz
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  • Item #: E-ZGC-3
  • Manufacturer: EZ Grip

Extracting screws, removing bolts, and adding grip to your tools is made easy and quick with EZ Grip Friction Drops.  Removing screws and removing bolts that are worn, damaged or corroded means EZ Grip Screw Extractor needs to come out of your tool box and onto the job.  Add friction to your driver or wrench for tightening screws and bolts without damaging them or your tool.  Pull cable without slipping with this simple biodegradable tool.  Save your knuckles and extend tool life with EZ Grip Friction Drops Screw Extractor.


Our Commercial grade friction drops are ideal for home or factory use to remove worn screw removal and bolt removal. The Commercial Grade solution has thousands of hardened aluminum cubes in a non-toxic, food grade antifreeze carrying agent. These building blocks provide a temporary bridge between the tool and stressed fastener heads for easy damaged screw removal and bolt removal.


3oz. Bottles.

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