Deodorizer, Lavatory, SANI-PAK®, SP-77000

  • Item #: SP-77000
  • Manufacturer: Celeste


The Sani-Pak® brand is today recognized worldwide as the benchmark in aircraft lavatory chemical deodorants, and Sani-Pak® powder is the grandfather of these chemicals.  Unlike other powder products, Sani-Pak® uses two types of water soluble film for optimum solubility.  The single-use biodegradable packets are pre-measured for drop-in convenience for treatment of toilets.  Spills can be easily cleaned using a paste made up of Interior Cleaner Complete mixed with a color-safe bleach such as Oxi-Clean®.

  • Unique additives package controls odors long term
  • Reduces tar buildup in system lines and holding tanks
  • Non-staining deep blue color
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easily controllable & measurable delivery method.
  • Packaging: 6 grams, 8 grams, 80 grams

AMS 1476B
Boeing D6-17487
Air Canada 3125-00-002
Douglas Customer Service #3

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Price C$500.00