1/4” Variable Speed (Low) Die Grinder

1/4” Variable Speed (Low) Die Grinder
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  • Item #: GD0810C
  • Manufacturer: Makita

1/4” Variable Speed (Low) Die Grinder

  • SJS (Super Joint System) prevents kickback during wheel lock up for optimal tool and operator protection
  • Soft start feature gradually increases speed to eliminate start up shock
  • Constant speed control maintains constant speed under heavy load
  • Variable speed dial allows operator to adjust speed based on materials or application
  • Labyrinth construction features a complex series of channels to prevent penetration of dust and debris into the field and armature for maximum operational life
  • Motor winding protection features "zig-zag" varnish on the armature and hardened powder on the field coils to act as an impenetrable barrier to dust and debris
  • Standard equipment side handle provides maximum operator control during operation




INCLUDES: Collet Cone Set 1/4”(192986-3),Wrench 13 (781203-2), Wrench 19 (781206-6), Side Handle (192985-5) shown with optional accessory

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Price C$380.02