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Advanced Fluid Dispensers

We now carry the complete line of FluidTran fluid handling products.  FluidTran products are simply the best in the industry.  Developed for airlines plagued  with the high cost of damaged equipment.  This product line has saved airlines millions of dollars by extending equipment life.

Oregon Aero Products

Zaviation is proud to be an authorized distributor for Oregon Aero.

Aircraft Cleaners, Degreasers, Deodorizers
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Drain System Cleaner
  • Exterior Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Exterior Cleaner with Wax
  • Aircraft Graffiti Remover
  • Emulsion type concentrated lavatory bowl cleaner
  • Carpet deodorizer

Mirabowl Q - Aircraft Lavatory System CleanerMirabowl Q - Aircraft Lavatory System Cleaner

Mirabowl Q stands alone as the only effective 15 hour aircraft lavatory system cleaner and deodorizer. By combining aggressive cleaning agents found to be effective in eliminating bacteria, we have implemented a state of the art technology to create Mirabowl Q - the most cost effective aircraft lavatory system maintenance cleaner in the world today.

Air-Brite Cones - Aircraft Interior DeodorizerAir-Brite Cones - Aircraft Interior Deodorizer

The toughest aircraft interior odor killer on the market is also the lowest priced.  For only pennies a day, you can freshen up any aircraft lavatory or interior space with one of our Air-Brite Cones.  Air driven, there are no hidden costs such as batteries, and it stays active for thirty days.  At a price that destroys the competition, you can't go wrong with the best aircraft interior odor killer in the world.

Protect Your Assets With Sureguard Security Bollards and Covers

old rusted bollard & new Sureguard Bollard

Install and replace posts easily using the V-Loc Wedge.V-Loc® Sign and Post Ground Anchor System

V-Loc® is the state of the art, ground anchor system.

V-Loc® mounts posts for signs, mailboxes and other applications flush to the ground for unequalled safety.

V-Loc's flush-to-the-ground configuration allows sign posts to break off cleanly at ground level, with a 360° impact Zone. Other competitive mounting systems extend above ground level, and upon impact can come in contact with a vehicle's tires and/or gas tank, potentially causing roll-overs and explosions.

Watch our video called "The Road Ahead"

E-Z Grip Friction Drops

If you've ever busted your knuckles when a wrench slipped, or if you've ever had the frustration of screwing in or loosening a screw with a distressed head, you'll really like this new product now available for both military and commercial purchase.

With the EZ Grip Friction Drops, you can typically solve these problems with a single drop of this incredible substance. Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and see.

Quiqlite , The Hands-Free Flashlight

The amazing hands-free shirt-pocket flashlight called Quiqlite.  Invented by a policeman, this flashlight is perfect for hands-free work.  The rotating arm aims the light where you need it, then folds flat when done.  Push-button switch and automatic shut-off.

Quiqlite has found its way into the pockets of thousands of law enforcement, public safety, aviation, government, industrial and recreation personnel, as well as outdoorsmen, technicians, and students.

Watch our video called "QuiqLite"

How It Works"Skipper" Rapid Deployment Barrier System

Zaviation offers an easy, affordable answer, for any situation that requires fast, easy deployment of a temporary barrier.

Our Skipper Rapid Deployment Barrier System is a unique portable hazard warning and protection system that converts any standard traffic cones into a highly effective and visible barrier system.

WD-40 With Hold-It"Hold-It" Tube Holder

It is here at last, the "Hold-It" tubular straw holder for all types of spray cans.


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