V-Loc® Sign and Post Ground Anchor System

Nothing is safer. V-Loc® is the only NCHRP 350 approved and AASHTO recommended, flush-to-the-ground breakaway mounting system

V-Loc® is the state of the art, ground anchor system.

V-Loc® mounts posts for signs, mailboxes and other applications flush to the ground for unequalled safety.

V-Loc's flush-to-the-ground configuration allows sign posts to break off cleanly at ground level, with a 360° impact Zone. Other competitive mounting systems extend above ground level, and upon impact can come in contact with a vehicle's tires and/or gas tank, potentially causing roll-overs and explosions.

The V-Loc® socket can be installed in concrete, asphalt or dirt safely by one man in a matter of minutes either by hand or power driver. The strong steel fins hold the socket securely in the ground, resisting movement from wind vibration. After a knock-down, the socket is re-usable, requiring only the replacement of the locking wedge.

Save lives and reduce your liability by using V-Loc® Sockets to safely anchor all of your posts, including those for signs, mailboxes and handrails.

Watch our video called "The Road Ahead"

Features and Benefits:

  • The only flush-to-the ground anchor, for maximum safety and re-usability
  • The only yield-and-release design. V-Locs have the best change of momentum characteristics of any breakaway socket system.
  • Replace your knock down signs and mailboxes in just minutes.
  • Unique clean-out bar breaks up and cleans out most of the dirt that ends up inside of the other socket systems.
  • Save your sign maintenance budget dollars by eliminating re-installation
  • Models for Concrete, Asphalt and Earth
  • Models for Round, Square and U-Channel posts

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