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Bollard Security Products by Sureguard

Protect your Assets with Sureguard Bollard Security Products

  • Pipe Post Bollards

  • Surface Mount Bollards

  • Removable Bollards

  • Retractable Bollards

  • Overhead Clearance Bars

  • Lighted Bollards

steel pipe post bollardsSteel Pipe Post Bollards

Sureguard Steel Pipe Post Bollards are available in 5", 6" and 8" diameter schedule 40 pipe posts in Surface Mount and Dig & Set models from 42" to 7'6" finished in “SureBond” Armour coat epoxy paint in OSHA yellow or Fire Engine Red.

Retractable Bollards

The Sureguard Easy-Lift Retractable Bollard is an advanced telescoping bollard is designed to control access ways.

The Easy-Lift Retractable Bollard, with smooth up or down piston spring action that’s easy to use, and easy to control.  And, because its built with winter in mind, Easy-Lift works great, even in the snowiest, iciest conditions.  Can be used to key-lock access to your driveway, parking spot or entranceway.

Flexible Style Delineator Will Bounce back after impact!

The Sureguard Flexible Delineator is manufactured from high-density polyethylene pipe. This durable delineator is designed as a visual deterrent that bends completely over and bounces right back up when hit by a vehicle. The delineator is available with or without recessed reflective bands and with or without our accent crown in various colors.

Bollard Covers

  • Fits over existing Bollards
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Custom Colours Available
  • Custom Graphics
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Chemically Resistant

Sureguard Bollard Covers are manufactured from high density polyethylene, complete with ultraviolet protection and anti-static additives.  This chemically resistant and durable Bollard Cover withstands even the most harsh environments.

Bollard Covers are shipped with our “SureSeal installation kit (patent pending) the very best and simple method of bollard cover attachment anywhere, no fasteners, no strips of foam.

surelight lit bollardOptional Lighting

This 7" diameter polyethylene cover has its own built in solar panel and capacitor, no hard wiring required.  When the sun goes down the SureLight lights up your way on a foot path or to increase your (POP) product awareness at your drive thru’s and front doors.

Optional Beacon Lighting

Perfect for Expressways, Medians and footpaths the Beacon Light has it’s own built in UV solar panel capacitor, no hard wiring required, no batteries to replace. When the sun goes down the Sureguard Beacon Light turns on.

Overhead Clearance Bars

Sureguard 5" and 7" diameter by 70" long, Polyethylene Clearance Bars, are the most attractive and noticeable Clearance Bars available anywhere. The Clearance bar comes in OSHA Yellow and Fire Engine Red complete with four recessed reflective bands, height identification graphics and installation hardware.

Sure-Save” Econo-Bollard

The “Sure-Save” economy bollard manufactured by Sureguard is designed for “light impact” scenarios. This polyethylene bollard is an excellent visual deterrent comes in 7" diameter by 7'6" in length. Just auger the hole drop in the “Sure-Save” bollard, insert the 5m steel hairpin rebar and fill the hole and the interior of the bollard with concrete. Then just snap on the crown and you have a bollard for far less than the cost of steel.

economy bollard

economy bollard

economy bollard

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