kpc3STI Kevlar Pitot Probe Covers

STI covers boasts a tough-as-nails, Kevlar® construction with a working temperature of 800°F.  STI covers are soft, pliable, breathable and water repellent. 

  • Non-flammable

  • Tear-Resistant Pitot Family

  • Low-Particulate

  • Easy installation/removal

  • Warning streamer attached

  • Prevents entry of foreign particles and insects into the sensor

  • Boeing and Rosemount tested and approved

The patented KPC3™ Pitot Probe Cover is custom made to fit military, commercial and business aircraft.

STI flame resistant protective Kevlar® covers do not cause damage to the Pitot/Pitot Static Probe or related system when Pitot heat is inadvertently applied.  The Kevlar® cover construction does not create an oven effect which could destroy the probe heater element or reduce probe life.

Installation loops were designed so that our KPC3™ Pitot Probe Covers can be installed with existing Boeing tooling, P/N A-10002-1 and ME-65B40136-1, and has a removal loop attached.

STI Kevlar® Covers have been tested and approved for use by Boeing and Rosemount Aerospace, and are listed in the current Boeing drawings. The covers fit all Boeing and Airbus commercial airplanes and many business jet aircraft, including Beech, Fokker, Gulfstream, Lear, Lockheed, and Dornier.

As of 27 January 2004, Boeing stated only Kevlar® probe covers be used for all future procurement.  Older covers are no longer recommended by Boeing because the woven fibreglass material is susceptible to breakdown due to chaffing against the pitot probe.  Boeing believes that frayed fibres from the older type covers, combined with other substances such as dirt, grease and fluids, can cause an obstruction in the pitot probe.

The Boeing Aircraft Maintenance Manuals are being revised to reflect the new STI KPC3 Kevlar Pitot Probe Covers.

The Kevlar Pitot Probe covers can be custom made to fit any aircraft.

Kevlar Pitot Probe Cover Part Number Listing

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